Why in the hell am I doing this?

Excellent question!

Recently I have been going through a lot of changes in my life. Specifically changes revolving around my health. I am stuck. I need a new direction. Something to pour myself into. I have often wondered what I was placed on this earth to do. I have struggled with this for years. Finally, I have come to the conclusion that I am only good at two things.

1. Telling people what to do.

2. Entertaining people.

I am also excellent at cracking crab legs, but there isn’t much of a use for that here in landlocked Kentucky.

So here is my blog. I will give advice that you will take at your own free will. (I am not responsible for any fines, medical co-pays, or jail time.) And I will hopefully entertain you with stories about myself, my kids, my husband, and the crazy people in my life. As I try to get my health back on track from spinal fusion surgery and other ailments, I will also use this blog as a means to hold myself accountable in that area. My husband and I are extremely dedicated into learning new ways to be self-sustaining. I will share what we discover works and what we discover fails.  I also like to do a little crafting, gardening, and cooking when my body and time permits. My best friend and I have dreams of becoming DIY goddesses. Since, we really aren’t very crafty there will probably be a lot of what “Pinterest looks like in the real world” posts.

Most importantly, I hope you enjoy reading about my life. It will most likely make you feel a helluva lot better about yourself.

– Coco Hipwood




3 thoughts on “About

  1. I found you on blogher and I cannot stop laughing from your posts! I assumed you’ve been blogging for years but it looks like you’ve just started recently. Great job, you’ve definitely found something you’re great at!I was hoping to send you an email but you don’t have a contact page so this comment will have to do.


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