I Have Exciting News!


RollersIf you have been a follower of mine through here, please take a gander at my brand new website! http://www.cocohipwood.com Ok- so it isn’t fancy, but I’m learning and it is all mine!  I would be super grateful if you would sign up for updates via email at http://www.cocohipwood.com. I cannot wait to getting back to writing and doing the stuff I actually love to do like making you giggle.

Have a Fabulous Fall Weekend Y’all!



4 thoughts on “I Have Exciting News!

    • Hey there Babycakes! Cannot wait to hear what all you learn, what it is like, and all that good stuff! I also cannot wait to attend my first! We will need to email or chat when you return. Did you go to the new site or jsut see this post? And oh my gosh! Your sewer fly post caused a huge discussion a couple days ago. I didn’t know that is what they were called. Thought I saw one in my house and proceeded to tell my husband that they are basically deadly. Like the Ebola of flies…….. I forgot he read your blog too!!!! Dang it!

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  1. I did go to the site and I really like the banner. Love that I am in a cozy hotel room and our house smells like shit tonight 🙂 It even grossed out the plumbers. Oh, and I won the dance contest tonight so I guess I’m not shy 🙂
    Sewer flys are deadly and costly! If you only have a couple flush, flush and flush again and they will go away. We had an epidemic!


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