I’m Movin’ On Up!



If you received a notification that you just signed up for email updates from me……. and you already thought you received these …… which led you to believe your worst conspiracy theories of all time were coming true…You thought your email address had been compromised by those door to door magazine salesmen. The only reason you signed up was so that when you wrote your contact information on their clipboard, you could see what name your new neighbor put down. You know he’s not Bill Johnson. No, you know his name is actually Boris and he was a confidential informant to the CIA with Al Sharpton. You also know that he is probably working with the magazine people and that while you were filling out the form, Boris was planting a bug on your poodle’s collar. You also know that they are trying to be humorous identity theft ninjas, by suggesting you order the magazine with Nicki Minaj on the cover. They think you don’t know that each cheek of her rear end is actually a launching pad for heat seeking missiles. Hell, you’ve known she wasn’t human for years………

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Take it easy George and Weezie! None of that is true. Well I can’t speak for the magazines, Boris, or Nicki, but all I did was import the followers from my free WordPress blog to the website I now own. I am still on WordPress, but will be trying to phase from http://www.cocohipwood.wordpress.com to www.cocohipwood.com.

So basically I am Movin’ On Up! Hope you choose to join me. I also hope you have an absolutely fabulous week and ya don’t let that ol’ Boris get to ya too much.


How I Am Going To Make Millions!


Sports bra signature

Please visit my latest blog post at my super stoked NEW WEBSITE!


It explains how my latest hair-brained thought process will obviously make me a rich woman…. with a sports bra. I truly didn’t intend to blog about underwear this much. What can I say? I guess I am a CYA blogger. Cover Your Ass..ets. Or not. It’s mostly about not covering them. Please check it out and while you are there, sign up for updates via email and/or follow me! I’m just getting started at this and want to let each and every one of you know how grateful I am for your support!

Muchos Gracias You Amazing People You!


I Have Exciting News!


RollersIf you have been a follower of mine through here, please take a gander at my brand new website! http://www.cocohipwood.com Ok- so it isn’t fancy, but I’m learning and it is all mine!  I would be super grateful if you would sign up for updates via email at http://www.cocohipwood.com. I cannot wait to getting back to writing and doing the stuff I actually love to do like making you giggle.

Have a Fabulous Fall Weekend Y’all!