DIY Air Freshener……. For the Non-Crafty



non crafty

I suppose it would be best if I start with the reason we make our own air freshener. My 4 year old daughter and I have a problem. We are gaggers. We will, unfortunately, gag at the strangest of smells. Some smells you would agree are stinky, some would not bother normal people at all. Some you may even think smells yummy. For example; peanut butter- the smell of peanut butter makes me gag. My husband and son think it is hilarious to come and give me a big, wet smooch right after jamming a spoonful of disgusting peanut butter down their throats. I smell it before they even make contact. I start flinching and grabbing my stomach. I look like the Incredible Hulk trying not to turn. I give into this strange rhythmic jerking my family lovingly calls “The Peanut Butter Seizure” dance. After all that, I start the…

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