Not Good in an Underwear Crisis




I had to take my 12 year old to get x-rays today on his knee. As we were waiting, I asked him if he had on clean underwear. He looked at me like I was a freak. Obviously he has never heard this before. I explained it is something moms or grandmas always tell you to do. “Make sure you have on clean underwear every day. You never know when you are going to end up at the doctor’s office.”

“You’re a mom! Why have you never told me that?” said my son raising a very good question.

“Do you have on clean underwear!?!?” I snapped.

“Well, yes.”

“Then don’t worry about it.” I huffed and shifted my shoulders away from him.

You see, I knew exactly why I had never told him this. It also reminded me of one of the last times I was at the doctor with…

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