Humans Disgust Me



That’s it! That’s it! I tried to be a good people person. I tried to surround myself with the dreaded……. People. I take my kids, a neighbor kid, and my husband to the library to pick out more books…. so we can do more reading and not have to be around ….. people. So what happens?
Shit! Literally! 
Some nasty ass kid pooped all up AND DOWN the library aisles. To make it worse, no one claimed it! No one admitted to being the poopetrature or the nasty ass, lazy, disgusting parent Now they are going to have to shut down the libraries just like they shut down the pools. It has taken me years to be OK about bringing home dirty books that have been in someone else’s dirty home. Now I also have to worry about poop!  I can’t handle this. Everything is gross and dirty in the world right now to me. All I see are piles of poop everywhere I look.  I am going home and not leaving home the rest of the weekend (at least).
This is a perfect example as to why I hate people.


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